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We offer HDR Photography as well as Flash Photography.  Our HDR photo's are blended of Multiple Exposures ensuring the inside of the room and outside of windows are Properly Exposed.  Our Video is of high resolution including Stabalizers such as Steadicams, Sliders, Tripods to deliver smooth footage.  Wide angle lenses are used as well as zooms for Detail shots.  


  1. Still Photography $150. under 3000 sq ft (25-35 images) With Virtual Tour $195.

  2. Still Photography $200. 3000 to 4000 sq ft (30-45 images) With Virtual Tour $245.

  3. Still Photography $240. 4000 to 5000 sq ft With Virtual Tour 295.00

  4. Video tour of home edited up to 3000 sq ft  $225

  5. Video Tour of home edited up to 5000 sq ft $295

  6. Video tour of home with still photography up to 3000 sq ft $375

  7. Video tour of home with still photography up to 5000 sq ft $450

  8. Video tour of home narrated by agent $625 (video, audio and stills)

Additional Sq Ft, Please call with Details for Pricing

Community Photo Package; Covers Clubhouse, Sign, Amenities, Pools, Tennis Courts located in the complex. $60

Off Property Shoots; Parks, Shopping, Waterfronts, Etc. $70

Inquire on Drone Aerial Footage

$325. under 3000 sq ft (25-35 images)
$450. over 3000 sq ft (30-45 images)

• Fully retouched images

•HDR blended exposures
• Turnaround time 48 hour for photo's
• Large files suitable for printing

Travel fee applies for more than 30 miles  from Rutherford, NJ.  Add $1 per each additional mile in each direction

This Scenic Weehawken NJ Video plus Drone is a combination of a Walk Through as well as Detail and Tripod mixed moving shots.

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