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Corporate Video

Whether it's a NJ news conference, Commercial, Training Video, or Youtube/Social media Marketing video, we have the skills. Sunset Media is also perfect for the NJ based smaller business not looking to invest in a large scale elaborate video production. But don't be disillusioned. With the technology of today, we can produce your video at an affordable price yet still have a finished, polished product that is competitive with today's broadcast industry.

We are able to produce from the simplest of video shoots to the larger multi-camera shoot with additional crew and gear as needed.  We are cinematographers, not website developers, so if your in need of a more aesthetic video creation for your business call us. Our videographers focus on detail and will customize a product around your expertise combining your input with our artistry.



Social network and web videos are promoting businesses free of advertising costs. Linking or embedding your web video from a youtube channel will help boost your website rankings up in the search engines. Sharing your youtube videos on social network will generate views which in turn will also create income for you from Google advertising if your video is monetized.


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