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Preparing for your Lifestyle and Portrait Shoot.

So if this is your first professional Photo Shoot for your Business, Social Media, or Dating profile, your probably a little nervous and wandering where to start. Breaking things down step by step will guarantee for a successful shoot. From wardrobe, to locations and posing I will give you my expertise from experience on accomplishing the best shoot possible in your working time frame.

Wardrobe; A variety of styles and colors are best. When I do my photoshoots I usually recommend 3 clothing changes that we can fit into about a 2 hour shoot.

One Casual Dress up

One Formal Dress up

One Sporty Casual

Brenda's choice of this colorful pattern was complimented by our simple rustic background

Vibrant Colors are usually my favorite to shoot but of course you may also want the elegant formal look of black and white. Mixing and Matching accessories, jackets, and props will easily add to the variety of photo's for each outfit. Scarfs, Jewelry, Hats, Sunglasses are just a few examples of what can be utilized to maximize the looks from one single outfit.

Locations; Of course the scenery and backgrounds will have a considerable amount of impact on your photo's. So communicating with your photographer on the best possible places for your shoot is important. Photographers love certain environments to work at as opposed to others. Just to name a few of my favorite locations would include, interesting Architecture, lots of shaded areas or canopy type enclosures, unique backgrounds with texture, color and style to create interesting compositions. The more going on in your environment will open a creative photographers mind to endless possibilities.

Big open sunny places would be locations to stay away from as they are too bright and can create harsh facial shadows as well as limiting depth of field in photo's.

Posing; The lifestyle portion of your shoot should always be natural and spontaneous. I like to get my clients to feel comfortable so they can pose naturally. I will work with them to find sitting, leaning, walking and other action type poses to create candid looking lifelike shots. We will work together to come up with different scenarios to make your shoot fun, real and relaxed. When posing for tighter Portrait Style closeups, a seasoned professional photographer can help with the little details to make your photo's shine. Little changes in posture, eye contact, tilting of head and twisting the upper torso make a huge difference on how your photo's will project.

I hope this Blog helped you and opened your mind on how to prepare for your first Pro-Photo Shoot.

Please View the portrait and Lifestyle section of my website for more ideas on your shoot at

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